A downloadable game

My name is Dillan Cress and this is my game

This is a very Ealry version of HOTW so download at your own risk. It will be free until it is finished, the final product will range from $0.50 - $1.50.

This is an FPS atmospheric adventure game with places to explore and enemies to fight, along with all that when the game is finished there will be secret areas with lore to find. Overall the experience you will have is dependent on how you see this game. This is not an action game this is for people who enjoy lore backstory and a bit of exploring, please give me feed back on what should be implemented (if i can) or if you think you could help.


Please give me feedback

Email: orca.blue@hotmail.com

Install instructions

This does not require the game guru engine anyone can play.

1. Download the .zip and extract any where you like.

2. (OPTIONAL) Create a shortcut of the application named "The Wasteland"

3. Launch the application and you're ready to go!

Extra Notes: You should be able to run on most systems, i THINK it's windows compatible only but don't quote me on that.


The Wasteland v0.6.zip 164 MB